T2 Fidget Spinner

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A New Way of Spinning

You can spin the T2 as you would any other spinner on the market, holding it between the thumb and index and flick. However the innovative design allows a three-finger grip on the knurled base, and flicking with the ring finger. This motion is similar to pen-spinning and in our opinion, is more natural, ergonomic approach to spinning.

The T2 is equipped with a powerful Neodymium magnet in the rounded handle, allowing it to stick on metallic surfaces, as well as on the desktop base. This desktop base can be secured to a flat surface, allowing for one-finger spinning.


  • Expertly milled from 6061 Aluminum, anodized in gunmetal grey and matte black.
  • Knurled handle for perfect grip.
  • Equipped with 608 Full Ceramic bearing, fully accessible for cleaning and removable if needed.
  • Neodymium magnets in handle and desktop base.

Ships from Houston, Texas (USA).

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    A couple of things you should know about the T2 spinner:

        • The three-finger grip may take some getting used to for some people. It's natural for us, and should be to people used to pen spinning (especially if you use your ring finger to impart motion). Some people use as two-finger grip which works as well.
        • The T2 being a bar spinner, and longer than others, it is subject to the gyroscopic effect when changing the axis of rotation at high speeds (some people refer to this as wobbling). No wobbling should be present when the axis of rotation is kept steady. But if you hate this effect, this spinner may not be for you.
        • If spin time is your absolute top priority, the T2 may not be your first choice. You can expect between 1mn45s and 2mn of spin time on a table spin. The 608 full ceramic bearing has been lubricated with a single drop of Blue Juice. We believe the dampening that comes with a tiny bit of lubrication is the optimal configuration.
        • The bearing is a 608 full ceramic bearing. Full ceramic is the only possible option for the T2, as the strong magnet would introduce drag in a stainless steel or hybrid bearing. The bearing is fully accessible if you unscrew the top cap using a 2.5mm hex head.
        • The bearing is fastened using a tiny amount of 680 Loctite. The bearing can be removed quite easily if you use a heat gun to bring the temperature to around 200C and heat up the aluminum body. The bearing can then be pushed out. Without heat, the bearing would require a lot of mechanical force to be removed. The ability to replace the bearing by yourself guarantees you can enjoy this spinner for a long time to come.